Holly Whitcombe / Training with Holly

Holly & Her Horses

Holly is a fully qualified and BHS registered Riding Instructor who offers a sympathetic and proactive approach to teaching and coaching riders of all ages and abilities.

Holly will work with her clients to understand their goals and aspirations whether you are a novice rider, out competing or aiming for BHS exams, she will help you put together short, medium and long term targets and be able to coach you at each stage.

Good quality flatwork provides the basis of every equestrian discipline from dressage and showing to show jumping and eventing. A show jumper or eventer will need the same key skills of balance, rhythm and impulsion as a dressage horse, and the core rider skills of correct position, effectiveness and balance will ensure a productive partnership of horse and rider at whatever level in whatever equestrian sport you enjoy.

As a rider and competitor herself Holly is very aware of the need for effective and productive flatwork, she is able to identify key issues that are preventing progression and utilise specific schooling exercises to address the problem. Holly always makes sure that the rider understands the reason for certain exercises and how they can help whether it be simple transitions or more complex lateral or pole work. She is able to develop exercises that are tailored to each individual situation from riding cross country, developing speed and balance for a jump off or your first dressage test.

One of the key requirements of a successful partnership between horse and rider is confidence between the two, Holly’s teaching and coaching is all about building that confidence for clients of every age and ability and most of all she make sure all her lessons and coaching is fun!